Finding That Motivation To Paint Your Miniatures

I love painting and I’m sure I’m not alone there, however I know people who hate painting and people who want to paint their miniatures but just can’t find the motivation to do so. I’ve struggled with finding that motivation myself in the past but I’ve also been on the other side of the coin and had painting sprees so to speak.
It might just be the case that you don’t have time to paint your miniatures which is understandable. This article is aimed at people who have ever felt the need to paint their miniatures but just lacked that desire to do so.
In this article I look at what steps I have taken personally to find that motivation I’ve lacked in the past to get me painting again.

I find that just looking at someone else’s painted models can help you find that motivation to paint your own miniatures. The Internet is full of some amazing looking miniatures and websites such as coolminiornot which is dedicated to showcasing miniatures from everyone from beginners to some of the best painters in the world. Magazines such as White Dwarf offer some good inspiration and there are hundreds of blogs out there dedicated to showcasing people’s armies.
There is a possibility that looking at some excellent models could also have the opposite effect. Seeing world class painting can make you feel like ‘I will never reach that standard so why should I bother?’ but try and use it as inspiration to better yourself. I am by no means a superb painter but I always want to better myself and the best way anyone can do that is to simply practice.

Keeping Stuff At Hand
I’m lucky that I work from home therefore I have a room that I use as an office which has a large desk that I work from. I also share this desk space with my paints and miniatures. The time that one might use to surf the Internet, go on social media or look at funny cat videos could be used to basecoat models instead.
Of course I know that the majority of people won’t have this set up at their home but if you have a spare space that is all set up and ready to use you will find it a huge benefit. Just being able to sit down and go will always be more appealing than having to drag out all your paints and models, making room on your dining room table and laying down newspaper just before you even begin.

Multi Tasking
This is something I do a lot. I usually paint whilst I’m watching TV or listening to a podcast. I watch a lot of TV on demand on the Internet so I can sit at my desk and paint whilst watching my favourite shows. I do this a lot during too, so much to the point now where if I’m watching TV on my own and not doing something constructive or creative I feel like I’m wasting time.
Batch Painting and Mixing It Up
It can get boring painting the same thing over and over again. Horde armies are terrible for this as no one enjoys painting 50+ rank and file models. I tend to paint models in small batches and then move onto a different unit, monster or vehicle etc. If you have several armies you might wish to paint units or models from different armies once in a while to mix things up a bit so you don’t get bored.

Learning Something New
There are many different painting techniques and paint types you can try in the hobby and learning about new skills or methods can be a great motivation as it gives you something new to try out. It’s not just techniques you may want to try out either. You might find a new type of paint range or medium that you might want to use on your models.

Running A Blog or Project Log
Running your own blog or a project log on a forum has also helped me in the past. You start to feel a sense of duty that you really should get your miniatures painted so you can share them with the world. This method is usually great at first but it does get difficult to sustain, especially if you don’t get as many comments and hits as you would like. I have had several project logs on Warseer fade away into the warp but they are great motivators to begin with at least.