How To Look After and Clean Your Paint Brushes

This article is all about getting the most life out of your brushes for painting miniatures. If you’re using expensive brushes then you want to get as much life out of your brush as possible to get the best value for money. You can only do that by looking after your brush.

Clean Thoroughly and Regularly

Seems a bit obvious but in my early days of painting I was quite bad at this. When you wash your brush in your water jar make sure you really give it a good long clean. Even when you think all the paint is removed it’s still best to give your brush those extra few seconds in water. Also clean your brush in regular intervals if you’re using the same colour for a long period of time. Remember if the paint is drying on the model, it’s also drying up inside the bristles of your brush. If you’re painting a tank or base coating a whole squad and let’s say it takes 20 minutes to do this, then you really need to wash your brush every 3-4 minutes at least.

Change Your Water Pot Regularly

You should always use a clean jar of water every time you start painting. You wouldn’t wash your dishes in dirty water so why would you wash your brush in dirty water too?

Use Brush Cleaner Soap

So you may still get the odd bits of paint dried up in your brush but it’s not the end of the world. This awesome product is a special type of brush cleaning soap that works wonders are getting paint out of your brushes. Below is a video tutorial from Lester Bursley from awesomepaintjob showing you how to use the soap.

Do Not Lick Your Brushes!

Another habit I have got myself out of. No one really wants to ingest paint no matter how little and also your brushes wont appreciate any chemicals from your saliva.

Store Them Upside Down With The Plastic Tubes

Nearly all brushes you buy will come with a little plastic tube to protect the bristles. No not lose this! This helps you store your brushes in the correct way. A lot of people will store their brushes with the bristles facing up in a jar. I do not recommend this at all and here’s why: The metal part which holds the bristles in place is called a Ferrule and by keeping your brushes bristles up will cause any tiny droplets of water, sometimes even paint, to drip down the bristles and into the Ferrule. Over time this will cause the loss of bristles from your brush as it will case the glue holding the bristles in the Ferrule to weaken. So just by storing brushes the opposite way will increase their brush life. I personally use this Aluminium Brush Washer and holder to hold my brushes in and it does the trick.

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