Using Shades to Basecoat Quickly Jul18


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Using Shades to Basecoat Quickly

I know many people who like to get their miniatures painted quickly and one technique a few of them use is one I’ve too used myself in the past. This technique is undercoating your miniature white and instead of painting, shading and highlighting a basecoat you simply apply shades or washes straight onto the white instead. This creates instant highlights and shades and can look very effective.Of course some may see it as cheating and if you’re going for a high quality paint job then I don’t recommend it but this blog is all about Tabletop Standard and this method certainly works well if that’s what you’re looking for.

Below are a few Tyranid models that have been basecoated this way. I think Tyranids are on army that really work well painted in this method. As you can see many different colours can look pretty effective.


An old Spartan themed Space Marine I own had their armour painted in this way also. The miniatures were given three layers of Sepia wash to create this shade of colour. Of course the more layers you use the darker the colour will be.

Spartan Space Marine

Spartan Space Marine

To get this colour for my Chaos Space Marines with mark of Nurlge, I first applied a brown wash from Vallejo’s Game Colour range and once that was dry I applied a Dark Green wash from the same range.

Plague Marine Havoc

I painted my chaos spawn by mixing yellow and green washes together. A couple of the spawn also had a purple wash applied over them to make them darker.

Chaos Spawn of Nurgle