How to Paint a Plague Marine Quickly

In this tutorial I will show you how I paint my Plague Marines, and all my nurgle themed power armoured models. This is quite a quick and easy way to paint them but the results are quite effective in my opinion.

This method uses the same technique that I mentioned a few posts back which is using washes for basecoating. For these models I used inks from the Vallejo Game Ink range. After giving the model an undercoat of white and letting it dry I applied a wash of Game Ink Sepia all over the model. Once this was dry I did the same with Game Ink Black Green but left the boltgun the sepia colour.



The silver trim was very simply painted with Abaddon Black followed by Ironbreaker and then given a wash of Nuln Oil.


I decided to paint the details on the shoulder pads in Orange to make them stand out and also look a bit rusted. These were given a basecoat of Skraag Brown and then highlighted with Troll Slayer Orange. The pipes were painted with Screaming Skull and washed with Agrax Earthshade. The eyes were painted with Evil Sunz Scarlett.



The finished squad in all it’s glory