How To Paint Sons of Horus Armour

In this tutorial I will show you a super quick and effective way of painting that sea green colour for the Sons of Horus Space Marines from the Horus Heresy. I started off with a black undercoat and then applied a layer of Dawnstone (GW Layer) to every armoured part of the model I wanted to be green.


I then highlighted the armour with Administratum Grey (GW layer) by drybrushing the whole model.


Now on to get that green colour. Apply a wash of Coelia Greenshade (GW Shade) to all the armour parts.


You may wish to keep it at this stage but I prefer a slightly darker green for these so I then applied another coat of Coelia Greenshade to the model and it really is as quick and as simple as that!


Below is the completed model.