Painting Yellow Over A Black Undercoat Aug20


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Painting Yellow Over A Black Undercoat

In this tutorial I will show you how I paint my Pre Heresy Imperial Fists. This method involves painting yellow over a black undercoat, which in the past has been a very daunting prospect. The release of the GW foundation paints (now the base paints) has made painting over black a lot easier. Averland Sunset is one of my favourite paints as it is a nice yellow that can be applied easily over black. I start off by applying two thin coats of this colour


Once this dry I apply a very thin coat of Skraag Brown (GW layer). This is watered down to the same consistency as a wash and applied in the same way as wash would be.


Next up we begin the highlights. I start by drybrshing a 30/70 mix of Averland Sunset (GW Base) and Flash Gitz Yellow (GW layer)


The next highlight is pure Flash Gitz Yellow


Followed lastly by a highlight of Flash Gitz Yellow mixed with Screaming Skull (GW Layer) in a 50/50 ratio.


That’s all there is to it. The rest of the model is then painted up.


My Imperial Fists army usually has battle damaged and muddy armour and I will be showing some simple ways of how I achieve these effects in a future tutorial.