Painting Horses for Warhammer Part 1: Bay

This tutorial series shows how I paint three different colours on horses for Warhammer. Bay, Grey and Chestnut. I used this article as a reference on horse colours and patterns. The first style of horse I am painting is called Bay. It’s a dark brown colour with black and white markings. I have not painted many horses in the past so this is a learning experience for myself also and it took a fair bit of experimenting to get a result I was happy with.

After giving the model a black undercoat I then gave it a basecoat of Rhinox Hide (GW Base)


This was then followed by a Nuln Oil (GW Shade) wash just to bring out the shadows.


I then went back over the model with Rhinox Hide to give it it’s first highlight


I then wet blended Abadonn Black on the thighs to bring a gradient from the black to the Rhinox Hide.


The next highlight was given to the rest of the model. This was a Rhinox Hide + Mournfang Brown (GW Base)  50/50 mix. The highlight was layered on.


I then added a little bit of Screaming Skull (GW Layer) to the previous mix to give the horse a further highlight


I simply used  a couple of thin layers of White Scar (GW layer) to paint  the white markings on the horse.



For the hoofs I used Balor Brown (GW Layer) and then gave them a was of Agrax Earthshade (GW Shade). The black areas were drybrushed with Administratum Grey (GW Layer)


Lastly paint up the saddle and reins etc. anyway you prefer.


The finished horse complete with painted Praetorian Rider