Using Old Brushes and Cheap Brushes Oct11


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Using Old Brushes and Cheap Brushes

There are several articles online about which are the best brushes to use for this hobby. In fact I will write one using my own recommendations in the future but before that I wanted to talk about cheap brushes and old brushes and their uses. You might wonder why anyone would use these brushes if they wish to improve their painting but they do have their place and in certain circumstances they can be very good. I recently picked up this Royal and Langnickel Sable Super Value Brush Set because I wanted some flat brushes to use for drybrushing and it’s fantastic. An absolute bargain for under £5 and the brushes themselves are actually pretty good quality considering the price. I’m a big fan of the Games Workshop brushes however I really don’t like the shape of their drybrushes and since I’ve started using these brushes for dry brushing I’ve really noticed the difference.

The regular shaped brushes in this set also serve several purposes. The larger brushes are pretty good for basecoating terrain and vehicles and the smaller brushes can be used for regular base coating. Another use I have for these brushes are mixing paint on my pallet. I would much rather use an cheap brush for this as sometimes you can find paint will get in the ferule of the brush and you don’t want that for your good brushes.

When it comes to old brushes, I mainly use mine for applying glue to bases or transfers onto model, in the rare moments that I actually use them. It’s well worth keeping your old brushes for these purposes. You may also use the other end of the brushes for larger work involving green stuff. Another technique I use old brushes for, and sometimes cheap brushes, is stippling. GW does have a stippling brush in their range but I’ve never licked using it’s far too hard. This method can only be used on brushes that still have some shape to their bristles though but at least when using and old or cheap brush you wont worry too much about the damage you might get from the stippling technique.

These are just a few uses I have for cheap and old brushes. I highly recommend the Royal and Langnickel set, especially for dry brushing. If you have any uses yourselves for old and cheap brushes I would love to hear them in the comments.

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