How to Paint Flames

With the new Space Marine codex we’re no doubt going to see Space Marine Captains or Chapter Masters carrying the burning blade. My Chapter master is no exception so I thought I would make a little tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily paint fire on your models.

Start off by base coating or undercoating the flames white and then add a couple of thin layers of Flash Gitz Yellow (GW Layer).

Painting Flames/Fire 1

Next we apply a thin coat of Fire Dragon Bright (GW Layer) to the edges of the flames and the raised parts of the flames.

Painting Flames/Fire 2

Once this is dry take some Wild Rider Red and apply it to the very edges of the flames. You might also choose to apply some White Scar to the inner most parts of the flames also.

Painting Flames/Fire 3

To bring all the colours together and get a smoother looking transition between the colours you’ll need to apply a glaze of Bloodletter (GW Glaze) over the red and orange parts. I used Casandora Yellow (GW Shade) mixed with a little glaze medium to apply a glaze over the yellow and white areas. Both glazes were mixed slightly where they met.

Painting Flames/Fire 4