Chapter Master on Bike Nov01


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Chapter Master on Bike

A lot of people are doing White Scars list since the new Space Marine codex was released and I am also shamefully jumping on the band wagon. I’m currently working on a lot of bikes which is kind of making me regret this decision but I am happy to say that my Chapter Master is complete! Over the next few weeks and maybe even months I will be sharing with you guys progress from this army.

My custom chapter are called ‘The Emerald Aces’. If you’re a fan of my Facebook Page then you will already have seen some WIP of my bikes and my Tactical Squad for this army. The Chapter Master, known only as ‘Kilmister’ rides into battle on this Forgeworld MKIV Outrider Bike which I think is such an awesome model. Every sergeant and character in this army will wear MKIV armour and will be the only models that do so. Kilmister here is equipped with a thunder hammer and shield eternal. The thunder hammer arm is magnetised so I can switch it out for other weapons.