Using Ghost Tints

I’ve had a lot of fun lately playing around with my new Badger Miniatire paints for my airbrush, especially their Ghost Tints. In this blog post I’m going to show you different ways to use them and some of the effects I’ve achieved with them. I am of course new to airbrushing so these examples represent what a beginner can achieve with these with more expert airbrush users can go beyond these examples.

What is a Ghost Tint?

These paints are more like your traditional wash. They are commonly referred to by airbrushers as ‘candy’ paints. They work by tinting a surface in the colour of the ghost tint but have no effect on black surfaces. They work best when used on top of white or grey paint.

TIP: You should let Ghost Tints dry for 24 hours. After which you MUST apply a layer of varnish. They dry pretty glossy so you may want to use a Matt Varnish to bring down the shine. I’ve used a Gloss, Satin and Matt Varnish in my examples to show you the different finishes

What to use them for?

I’ve mainly used Ghost Tints for three different effects. The first is to tint a full suit of power armour (or any armour), create interesting effects using stencils on a black base and lastly to tint silver to make a metallic colour.

So firstly I’ll show you an example of a couple of Slaanesh Chaos Space Marines. They were given a basecoat of Base Grey from the Minitaire paints and then drybrushed with White Scar. Once this was dry I applied a layer of Ghost Tint Purple over them. This is a quick and easy way to paint armour and is not too dissimilar to applying a wash on top of a white or grey basecoat to get a desired colour.


One effect I really like that you can achieve with these is a stenciling effect. As a miniwargamer vault member I was hugely impressed with a video in there by Awesome Paint Job where Les used this effect on a Tau Devilfish. The results looked amazing yet he made it look so effortless. So how do you do this method? Well I have a Tau vehicle chassis lying around which I can use to show you.

Once the model has been basecoated black use a stencil (these can be any shape you wish. I just used some pointed shapes and curved edges in this example. You could easily make your own stencils from a flat piece of plasticard or plastic container. I cut the edge of a plastic take away container to create a straight line template to use for my Chaos Decimator which you’ll see later in this blog. Once you have your stencil you can begin to use them to spray patterns and lines over your model in any way you wish. I didn’t put too much thought into this example as I just wanted to try different shapes and sizes to show you the different results.


One this is dry you can apply your ghost tint over the whole model. You don’t need to thin this down at all and you don’t need a very thick layer either. That’s all there is to this step and as you can see the results are pretty impressive for something so simple.

Ghost Tint Devilfish

With my Decimator below I used the same Plasma Fluid colour as above however I first had a thicker layer that was coloured with Ghost Tint Blue. Once this was dry and varnished and I applied another stenciled layer of white paint, this time with smaller and thinners lines and applied the Ghost Tint Plasma Fluid to serve as a highlight.


My Helldrake uses the same method but with Ghost Tint Orange highlight over Ghost Tint Fresh Blood.



NOTE: You’ll notice the Ghost Tint Orange looks very yellow. It’s important to test each colour first as some of them unfortunately don’t look how you would expect. The Flesh Blood for example looks more pinkish than red. Also the green is not as bright as some of the other colours.

So now I move onto my final example and this is creating metallic colours. I’ve had a Defiler sitting around unpainted for a while so I decided to airbrush him completely silver. I decided that I wanted his armour plates to be a metallic purple colour so I used the Ghost Tint Purple over his armour plates. He’s still very much WIP at the moment so please forgive the overspray.

WIP Defiler

So these are just a few of my experiences using Ghost Tints. I’ve had a lot of fun using the airbrush lately however over the next couple of months I have a lot of paint brush work ahead of me which I’ll be sure to share with you guys on this blog.