First Tomb Kings Units Dec18


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First Tomb Kings Units

It must be years since I last painted anything for Fantasy before I started this Tomb Kings army. My first purchases for this army were a battalion, a unit of Tomb Guard and a Necropshynx. From these I have now painted a squad of skeleton warriors with hand weapons and shields and a 10 man squad of Tomb Guard with halberds which I eventually plan to expand on.

Anyway, on to the models. With so many models to paint in the core of this army, I’m not going to paint at the best of my ability for any of them but I still wanted a good tabletop standard paintjob on them.

Tomb Kings Tomb Guard

These Tomb Guard were basecoated with the aptly named ‘Mummy’ paint from Minitaire. The bone areas were painted with Screaming Skull and the gold areas were painted with Glorious Gold from Vallejo Game Color. I also then painted the halberd shafts with Khorne Red. I then applied a wash of Agrax eathshade to the entire model before highlighting the bone with a drybrush of Terminatus Stone. The gold was drybrushed with Golden Griffon and the red and blue areas were painted with Evil Sunz Scarlet and Sotek Green before given a wash of Drakenhof Nightshade. The halberds were simply painted with Ironbreaker and a Nuln Oil wash.


These skeletons were given an even simpler paintjob. They were all basecoated with Screaming Skull and given an Agrax Earthshade wash with a drybrush of Terminatus stone, just as the bone on the Tomb Guard were. The shields are simply painted with Sotek Green and Glorious Gold which also had an Agrax Earthsade wash.

All the bases on these models used Agrellan Earth technical paint with small slate rocks and static grass to add a bit more colour to them.

Over the next few weeks and months I’ll be sharing more from this army as well as some more of my Emerald Ace’s Space Marine army. Stay tuned.