More Space Marine Bikes Completed Dec30


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More Space Marine Bikes Completed

Hope you all had a great Christmas. I’ve been working hard recently at getting a few more bikes painted up for my Emerald Ace’s army. I have no completed 4 grav gun bikers, another plasma gun biker for the command squad, a regular biker and my Kor’sarro Khan conversion.


Khan was made out of a MKIV Biker rider from Forgeworld, a head from the Space Wolves Pack, a Relic Blade from the Space Marine Vanguard Veterans and he rides on a Chaos Space Marine bike that I have filed down in places to remove random Chaos arrows.



I have a total of 6 grav guns in this army. Only two of them are from the Space Marine boxed sets, for the other four I used Gravity Guns by Spellcrow Miniatures.



I have 2 more bikes and an attack bike very close to completion and I’m also working on my techmarines, thunderfire cannon and devastators who will provide some long range support for this army.