How To Paint Plaguebearers Feb25


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How To Paint Plaguebearers

In this tutorial I will share my method for painting Chaos Daemons Plaguebearers of Nurgle. This technique is different from the traditional look of these models. I wanted the skin to look really pallid and muted rather than a bright slimy green that you often see.

Nurgle Plaguebearers

The model was first primed black and then given a basecoat of Rakarth Flesh (GW Base). Once this was dry I applied a fairly heavy wash of Agrax Earthshade (GW Shade)

Painting Plaguebearers

Next I gave the model a drybrush of 1 part Rakarth Flesh to 2 parts Ogryn Camo (GW Layer). This drybrush was slightly heavier than a traditional dry brush that only catches the edges of a model as I wanted all the raised areas of flesh to be drybrushed.

Painting Plaguebearers

Another drybrush was then applied. This time adding some White Scar (GW Layer) to the previous mix. This amount varied from model to model as I wanted to have slight variations in the overall skin tone.

Painting Plaguebearers

Once this is dry I applied a heavy glaze of an equal mix of Agrax Earthshade and Coelia Greenshade over the entire model. This mix was thinned with an equal amount of water which is slightly heavier than my usual glaze mixes.

What is a Glaze? A glaze is similar to applying a wash except it’s purpose is not to darken recesses but tint the overall colour of an area and therefore glazes should be applied carefully over an entire area. Glazes are usually thinner than washes and are applied in multiple layers.

Painting Plaguebearers

I glazed 3-4 layers of Druchii Violet (GW Shade) around the belly areas and did the same with Carroburg Crimson (GW Shade) in small areas around boils and pustules.

Painting Plaguebearers

That’s pretty much it for the skin. The gore areas were painted with Evil Sunz Scarlett (GW Layer) with a couple of layers of Blood for the Blood God (GW Technical) over the top. I used Nurgles Rot (GW Technical) for most of the boils.

Painting Plaguebearers

On some of the models I created slime on the swords. I used this awesome technique from Miniwargaming that uses a mix of paint and Uhu Glue to create stringy gore or slime.

Painting Plaguebearers Slime