Khorne Dogs Part 1: Murderfang and Blood Claws

With the release of the new Space Wolves codex I was immediately tempted to make a Khorne army based on their rules. I had heard of people doing this before and after reading the codex I knew I could make a list that would feel Khornate and play the way Khorne should, even more so than a Khorne army made with the Chaos Space Marine book. Plus the thought of Juggernaut riders counting as Thunderwolf Cavalry is just too cool to pass up (you’ll see them in the future). The first models for this army that I have painted are a squad of blood claws, made using various Forgeworld parts and a Murderfang made from the World Eaters contemptor dreadnought, also from Forgeworld. I wanted the blood claws to have a bit more of a gladiatorial feel to them, and based their appearance of this model from the Chaos Fantasy range.

Khorne Dogs Blood Claws Khorne Dogs Murderfang Khorne Dogs Murderfang Khorne Dogs Blood Claws and Murderfang