Tomb Kings Colossus Conversion Sep29


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Tomb Kings Colossus Conversion

I’ve decided to start painting up some more of my Tomb Kings army after a bit of a hiatus. This army is only being painted to a basic tabletop quality level as I really don’t wish to spend too much time on them, especially with so many infantry models in the army.

Although I’m not entirely happy or proud of the painting for this model I am quite happy with the conversion work which is why I’m showing it off. The Colossus was made using a regular Warhammer Giant as it’s base. Some parts from the Necrosphinx were used for it’s head, chest and shin plates. His weapons are made out of an Eldar Wraithlord sword and a High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower. I covered up the remaining parts with greenstuff to give him a mummified appearance.

Tomg Kings Converted Colossus